Dear Koch Brothers

Open letter from Zoe (ballerina).

Background: Decades ago, Charles & David Koch inherited their father's business, Koch Industries. Through brilliant work and dedication, they became the richest brother team on earth. They also poured more money into our political system than anyone in history, to remove environmental protections, which they see as a detriment to free enterprise. In Washington and on Fox News, the Kochs have won. But what do our children - and the Kochs' children - pay for this victory? 

We believe the Kochs are good men who think we're at war. We wave the white flag, though we were never enemies. We invite these gifted brothers to see that the freedom they fought for isn't free: a whole generation is witnessing our air, forests, and oceans dying. We can power the world without setting it on fire with coal, gas, and oil. David and Charles have a chance to become real heroes. They have money and power; with us, they may even have creativity and courage. They're our brothers too. We're in this together.

"David and Charles, We need you. Make this your legacy: rebirth." - Zoe. Pass it on. #dearkoch